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Our History

About Us ~ Hunting & fishing equipment

Traktiq inc., Specializing in hunting and fishing products, was founded in January 2019 by Benoît Chevrette. Passionate about wilderness since his childhood, Benoît chose to devote himself 100% to his passion and to start his business of hunting and fishing products and equipment, after 22 years of military service in the Canadian armed forces as a tactical communications specialist.

The fields of hunting and fishing

Although they have different purposes, the fields of hunting and fishing have many things in common with the military. The products developed by Traktiq are inspired by a combination of military experience in operational terrain and experience in hunting and fishing, thus bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry.


Effectiveness of the hunting and fishing product

Our vision is to set ourselves apart by offering unique and innovative tools that will increase the effectiveness of the hunting and fishing products you are used to working with. We offer you new products that are compatible with the products of our competitors.

Creativity, professionalism and boundless dedication

Our creativity, professionalism and boundless dedication ensure that we are constantly working to develop new products and completely innovative hunting and fishing equipment in order to increase your pleasure in practicing your passion.

From the design of our products, we have respect for nature and wildlife at heart. Thus, future generations will also be able to experience the joy of hunting and fishing in an eco-responsible way.


TRAKTIQ is actually an amalgamation of 8 words/sounds that have important meanings for the company. First we find the french word traque( to stalk), well known to all hunters. We can also think of the words tracks and attract, which are are also an essential action when fishing and hunting.

The rack

The word rack on the other hand, is often used as a synonym for the word antlers. Next is the word tactical, which has two important meanings for us. it refers to the tactics used by hunters and fishermen but also salutes the military career of the company founder and his operational deployments within the Canadian armed forces. Finally, the letter Q was chosen to illustrate the quality of TRAKTIQ products, as well as to honor the city of origin of the company, Quebec City.