Fishing Fly for trout ~ Hunting & fishing equipment

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Fishing Fly for trout ~ Hunting & fishing equipment. The “Courcelette” fishing fly is an excellent fly for trout fishing. She will quickly become your best ally!

Did you know that the “Courcelette” fly represents the organization Soigner nos Braves par la Mouche Canada? This organization’s mission is to provide a unique opportunity to assist in the healing and rehabilitation of our Canadian soldiers who are physically or psychologically injured.

While their efforts are mainly directed towards active and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces, they are also intended for police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel who suffer from psychological disorders. In order to ensure the success of their activities, they have joined forces with clubs and organizations located in the regions where the wounded are concentrated who need their services the most.

Thanks to donations of equipment and money received, they can provide free equipment for fly tying courses as well as throwing workshops. This project can only survive through private donations or companies willing to support them. In support of the organization, Traktiq is proud to offer you the Courcelette fly for $ 5. All funds will be donated in full to Soigner nos Braves par la Mouche Canada.

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Weight ,007 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 19 × 3 cm

Manufacturer Traktiq Inc.



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